No Such Thing

At COTP we have 3 international nurses as well as 2 Haitian nurses.  These ladies work hard to take care of the health needs of all the babies in our care, the nannies, yard workers, and the people in the community.  Staying up late into the night tending to the needs of extremely malnourished babies, doing daily meds, and caring for unexpected injuries, these nurses wake up every morning not quite knowing what their day holds.  You ask, “what does a typical day look like for a COTP nurse?” Well…to be honest, there is no such thing!  Nursing in Haiti is unpredictable and at times very challenging. The only way to answer this question is to give an example of ONE day of nursing through the eyes of one of our nurses, Erin Vande Lune.

Reblogged from, “Following Him to Haiti“, by Erin Vande Lune

My Day…a glimpse into life as a COTP nurse

“As I was looking back on everything I have done today I thought about putting it all into a Facebook status, but then I realized it would be like the LONGEST status ever and I have been known to be made fun of for that at one point in time 😉

So I thought I would just use some bullet points and walk you through what I have done and where I have been today…

  • Woke up at 2am to give an IV medication.
  • Woke up for the day at 6:30 to go for a run with, Stori
  • Organized who was going to go to Milot hospital with one of our babies
  • Showered, got ready, found paperwork for baby…
  • Oh, yes…I am going to the hospital!  Went to get the baby…
  • Got asked, “Joy!  Do you have Joy or does it just say it on your shirt?”  YES!  Today I am claiming JOY!  Especially after a crazy weekend 😉
  • Baby not in the room, Fifi (one of our Haitian nurses) doesn’t have him…where is he?!?!
  • Look frantically for baby, who by the way is only months old and couldn’t run off if he wanted to b/c he has casts on his legs 😉
  • Found baby!  After many laughs with Fifi and the other nannies 🙂  (a volunteer had him and was getting him bathed and dressed to go 🙂
  • Truck won’t start-wait until they jump it with the skid steer.
  • Milot for 2 hours–great chat with Fifi!  Didn’t have to wait long at all–successful trip!
  • Van ride home-not the smoothest trip in the world.
  • Clean house up so cleaning lady can come (ironic? I think yes)
  • Eat fruit snacks with Toby
  • Finalize folders of adoptive paperwork for families that are here PICKING UP their kiddos 🙂
  • Eat lunch-rice, kibbe, green beans, cashews, cabbage, carrots, plantains…YUM!
  • Rush to pharmacy to take care of one of our workers who got their foot crushed by the bucket of the tractor.  Worked with two other GREAT nurses to fix him up (Rachel started the IV!!!) and sent him to the hospital for xrays.
  • Lay Toby down for a nap
  • Try to get online for meeting for grad school
  • Hang up laundry
  • Head back to pharmacy when worker is back (way too soon)
  • No xray-the tech had already gone home for the day 😦
  • Assisted visiting Dr./adoptive dad in giving worker stitches, squeezed current IV bag in quickly
  • Cleaned up blood on pharmacy floor when done
  • Headed upstairs to make dinner….nope, wait…
  • Removed maggots from a wound on the back of the campus dog (it is healing, a vet has seen her…but, yeah…)
  • Found out husband is making supper-WHAT A GUY!
  • Prepared NG feedings in the pharmacy with Gracie…well, Gracie did it and I watched her 😉
  • Fed the boys
  • Ate french toast and prayed with my family for out greater COTP family (Manno, Melissa, Emilio, Wilson, Rikerns, Kerry, Christina, adoptive parents, our friends going home…)
  • Back to the pharmacy to give meds
  • Consulted with long term staff who has been ill
  • Back upstairs-girls to bed
  • Read to Toby…while he was in the shower 😉  (only way he would get in!)
  • Chatted on FaceBook about family planning and Haiti and family photos
  • Looked at the AMAZING family photos that E. Moxon took for us!!!
  • Blogged
  • Set alarm for 2 am
  • To bed…..
Oh man…someone asked me today, “If you would have known it was going to be like this, would you have still done it?”
Definitely something to ponder…but at the end of the day…YES!  Yes, I would…so richly blessed by the Lord and His mercies and his gentle teaching and guiding ways…”



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