COTP Church

Written by Dan Willis, pastor at COTP

My hope, prayer and vision for the church plant here at COTP begins with the glory of God.  Each Sunday, we gather together as believers to worship the Lord and rejoice in His amazing grace in Jesus Christ given to poor, weak, needy sinners.  God’s precious plan of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in the finished work of Jesus Christ alone brings comfort to our hearts and glory to His name.  God is glorified as needy sinners come to faith in Christ and as believers are built up in the faith.

Our worship services are designed to engage the mind, stir the heart and motivate the will through prayer, song, the preaching of the Word and through communion.  When we stand in awe of the Lord and see His greatness, His grace, His power, His holiness and all His amazing attributes, we long to offer our hearts to Him promptly and sincerely.  Sunday morning worship services are a time for servants who have expended great energy in their God given tasks to be refreshed and renewed in the Lord and to gain hope, strength and confidence in the promises of God.

We also have a heart to help the community through almsgiving.  We have the luxury of very little overhead and so money given can go directly to meet special needs that arise.  We are also in the process of distributing Bibles in the community of Lagossette.  Another aspect of the church plant is the Thursday evening services.  These are designed to uplift worshippers through a focus on singing praises and praying together.  I have greatly appreciated the efforts of Rob and Erin Vandelune and their children to make these mid-week times food for the soul.

Please pray for us.  That we will continue to grow in Christ together and that great unity will be a reality for us.  Above all, pray that God’s name is glorified in all we do.

-Dan Willis




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