Stories Told

For volunteers, the “missions trip” to Haiti begins before stepping onto the plane. God doesn’t save His glory and power for the week or month that you are “serving”. God works in the months and days leading up to the trip and after the trip.  The story of how one is called to visit Haiti speaks powerfully into each others lives. It is those who visit who then hold the responsibility to share these stories.  Sarah Thacker has taken that responsibility and ran with it.

Sarah is an adoptive mother for a sweet boy born in Haiti.  After the earthquake in 2010, Sarah flew to Haiti to pick up her little boy in Port au Prince. After a whirlwind of a trip due to the post-earthquake state the country was in, Sarah returned to America with her son in hand.

Since her trip to pick up her son, Sarah has not returned to Haiti or seen the place her son spent his first years  – at Children of the Promise.  Until now.

Sarah is currently back in Haiti with a group made of up her husband, daughter, family, and close friends. Although a short trip, the group arrived late Tuesday and leaves Monday morning, the stories of a few days can be very powerful. And Sarah wants to tell these stories.

Sarah is partnering with COTP in a first ever “live blogging” from a volunteer standpoint. Sarah created a blog, “That Cheesy Starfish Story”.  On this blog, she will be sharing her thoughts and stories of while they are here in Haiti and continuing after they leave. Please partner with her and hear the stories of the week.

Here is a little glimpse…

“Haiti. Truthfully, I didn’t love Haiti on my first trip four years ago. In fact, I feel there was a promise I made to myself to never leave U.S. soil again.  I LOVED my son and I wanted to love Haiti for his sake. I’ve grown to love Haiti as I’ve advocated for it on behalf of its children. And I’m so glad that I broke that promise to myself and that we are all here!” read more.


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