A Little Snippet

“Another little boy with special needs came in for a check up. I didn’t take his picture. It’s hard. I want to share with you, but I also didn’t want to share a picture of him just for shock value. His mom brought him in and he was all smiles. He couldn’t walk. His mom carried him here. We put him on the scale and he weighed 25 pounds. Ten years old. 25 pounds.Most American babies weigh that around their first birthday. I have a ten year old. He weighs 80 pounds and he is strong and lean. I don’t know what to do with that paradox. But, I have to do something.

And friends, you could tell by interacting with him, he was LOVED. His family just needed help. He has already gained five pounds on Medika Mamba since starting the program in the fall.”

Read the rest at… “That Cheesy Starfish Story” blog!


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