Do it Because You Care

Before I moved to Haiti, I always heard about sponsorships. “Help a child in  ___(fill in the blank with third-world country)…send a child to school”. But truth is, I never felt connected. Not sure what it is, but this feeling of being connected is something we all take very seriously. When we feel connected, we feel the urgency to do something – to take an action.  There is something about having a relationship with people that draws us to give our money. When we  know where and who our money is going to, we are more committed to give. Before I lived in Haiti, it was easy to over look this call to sponsor a child and focus on my own need for my own money.

Then I moved it Haiti.

I’m realizing that it doesn’t matter if we are connected through a photo or even if we ever meet the child. The reality is, there are children in Haiti who can not attend school because of money. There are children who don’t have enough money to pay for the next school year. There are children who are sitting at home during the day instead of in school. There are many children who can’t attend school past the 6th grade. They are here, waiting for someone like YOU to take a chance on them. Regardless if you’ve met them or not. Each name has a face and each face has a dream. A dream that can not come true without your help to send them to school.

Normally, I try my best to not encourage us to believe that we are “saviors” or “heroes”…but to be honest, these kids do need us.  You can give these children the opportunity to dream. To dream about who and what they want to become.

I believe the root of building a better Haiti begins with education. Education allows children to dream about the future. To dream about a better Haiti. I don’t know about you, but I believe that’s what we are all fighting for.

I want to challenge you. I purposely did not post any photos in this post. (Believe me, this is hard for me when I’m dying to share some with you) I don’t want you to be moved by the one photo. I want you to be moved by the need and reality of the situation in Haiti. The reality that there is a child in Haiti waiting to make a difference in Haiti. Will you take a chance on him? Do it because you care about the future of Haiti, not because you were moved by one photo.

School Sponsorship3

Written by Jenna Clements & re-posted from her blog, Overseas.



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