A Day in the Life | Child Home Nanny

DSC_2867Meet Lunise. Lunise is an aunt, or Tant Lunise, as we say in the Grace House.  She arrives at work every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a smile on her face.  Sometimes the children chant “Tant Lunise, Tant Lunise” as she walks up the road to our home.  She laughs and gives them a hug or kiss or a pat on the head as she steps onto the porch.  She greets us all and asks how we are and how our family is, and we do the same.  When the “hellos” are complete, she quickly changes into her work clothes and begins to work. In the morning she mops the kitchen…when there are ten children eating three meals a day, a lot of mopping is required.  She then cares for the children while the Willis family does their homeschooling.  When Holly comes up to get the older children for preschool, she often needs to console the little ones who desperately want to go to school.  Meal times are quite busy with two children who need to be completely spoon fed, and then several more children who need help with getting their food and some of them needing help and supervision.  After working together to get everyone fed and cleaned up and down for naps, the dishes are finished and then there is a chance for some down time.  Lunise will lay down for a while, chat with others, or  fold some laundry from the morning.  Sometimes she listens to a sermon or singing on the radio.  After naps the afternoon is filled with playing, sometimes a walk, and then dinner.  After dinner and clean up comes one of our favorite times of day.  We worship each evening with everyone in the home.  We read Scripture, sing songs, and pray in both English and Creole.   It is evident that Tant Lunise loves the Lord.  She has a beautiful voice and loves to praise Him with it. Some of the things we love about Lunise are her love for Jesus and for people.  She has a quick smile and loves to laugh.  We love to hear her sing.  She has come into our bedrooms and prayed for those of us who have been sick and is always quick to pray.  She is deeply involved in her church and recently took some time off from work to participate in a retreat with her church.  She is a diligent worker and cares about each person in our home.  She takes God’s Word seriously and loves to read the Bible.  We love the relationship with have developed with Tant Lunise and are so blessed that she is part of the Grace House family.   -Holly Willis, Child Home parent


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