Nadege has been involved with COTP since the early years. She had a daughter that she couldn’t care for herself and so her daughter came to live at COTP. After that she began working for COTP as a nanny and has since had another child, Vladimir (4) who she is now able to raise because of her employment. Nadege faithfully worked as a nanny for many years, loving and caring for our children. In the fall of 2012 she came up with the idea for someone to plan activities for our children. A few months later she was promoted to the position of activities coordinator. She spent her mornings doing pool days, planning organized play time, and teaching, singing, and playing with our children. Our children looked forward to the days they got to go play in Nadege’s room and the children who weren’t quite old enough to go to our English preschool liked that they still got to go to school like the bigger kids. In early 2013 our overall number of children was lower and our percentage of children with special needs was higher. We knew we needed to help these children be the best they can be and we promoted Nadege to an on the job trained position as our physical therapist. She has really done well in this new position and has soaked up all the information she has learned like a sponge. Nadege takes pride in the work she does. Her love for our children is evident through every interaction with them. She is proud of the developments our children make whether they are big or little and continually works hard to help them achieve their next developmental milestone. She smiles and boasts about what they have accomplished (largely due to her hard work and dedication). Nadege, our Haitian nurse and I were able to attend an infant massage training course where we learned to teach others how to massage their babies. Recently we have been able to use that education to teach our formula program caregivers how to massage. Right from the start of the first class Nadege stepped up and took charge and is a really great teacher. She engages with the caregivers well, doesn’t let them slack, and eagerly prepares for the class each time we meet. She also has made great use of the massage knowledge as a component of her therapy—especially when a child is not feeling very well. Whenever given a new responsibility Nadege always rises to the challenge and surprises us with how well she does. She is a great student as she absorbs as much as she can and a great teacher as her quiet, caring heart does all the talking. We have laughed together and we have cried together. It has been an honor to get to do life with Nadege and to learn to navigate the waters of care for our children with special needs together. -Tori Rayle, Preschool Teacher and Therapy Coordinator IMG_0753IMG_8855


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