Our Mission

We are dedicated to caring for the physical, emotional, medical, and spiritual needs of sick and malnourished infants/toddlers in Northern Haiti. Our main mission is to take in these babies for three months to help return them to full health.  During this time, we allow the family to get back on their feet if they are going through a difficult time. Once a child is healthy, we reunite them with their biological family. If this is not able to happen then we help facilitate an adoption for the child.

We also provide several other programs for the community to empower families to be able to care for their infants on their own. These programs include: Formula, Prenatal, School Sponsorship, & Medika Mamba.  Each of these programs strives to further our mission of caring for the physical and medical health of infants in Haiti. Read more about each individual program here!

Another big part of our mission is employment. We currently employ 66 full-time, 23 part-time, & 30 substitute Haitians that work as nannies, laundry ladies, cooks, adoption workers, nurses, and yard workers.  We’ve seen amazing changes in our community as a result of these jobs through empowering them to be able to better provide for the needs of their families.


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