Our prenatal program provides preventative care for pregnant mothers by giving them the attention and care for their babies before they are born. Two groups, each around 20-25 pregnant ladies, come to COTP either Wednesday or Friday at 2pm. They receive classes on basic care for infants, how to have a healthy pregnancy, and a bag of rice and beans (every other week).  After the baby is born, the mother begins to come the second Thursday of each week where they continue to take classes and receive food. This program is ran by our Haitian staff member, Renel.


Babies whose mothers have passed, or are unable to breastfeed, can be accepted into this program. Care givers come to COTP every other Tuesday to exchange their cans for new formula. Admits to this program also receive lessons on the nutritional and developmental needs of their baby. This program is intended for babies younger than the age of 1.

Medika Mamba

Medika Mamba (MM), “peanut butter”, is a high nutritional therapeutic food intended for children 6 months of age to 5 years old, who are moderately to severely malnourished. Similar to the formula program, the baby’s caregiver comes to COTP every other Tuesday to receive more MM.  A child eats a few tablespoons of MM each day and for about 8-12 weeks and should be chubby in no time. This program has a 85% success rate.

School Sponsorship

This program provides the opportunity for children who are associate with COTP to attend school. Through monthly contributors, these children can afford their tuition, books, and uniform. Without this program, some of these children would not have the opportunity to receive an education. If you would like to begin sponsoring a child to attend school, please e-mail:


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